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Our company was founded in Akhisar in 2018 and we are the last company to join BEYGROUP. Later on, we set up a greenhouse in the Akhisar-Karasonya area and set out to add a new impetus to the Akhisar olive farm.

First of all, we started preparations to collect our olive branch olive with a new and modern concept and to distribute it to the process, to present the markets and distribute it to the appropriate domestic and foreign environments.

We will run quickly to add innovations to existing businesses in the near future.

As oil in the world are also discussed in Turkey about 73% of the produced grain olives. Consumption in our country is mainly olive oil, so oil olive production is more. According to the average on-off year in Turkey 150 thousand tons of olive oil is produced. This amount with Turkey, the world olive oil production in Spain, Italy, Greece and Tunisia after taking fifth place and about 5% of world production, while 10% of exports provides. olive oil consumption in Turkey prices of the Turkish people need is not at the desired level is still required because both habits. The consumption of olive oil is limited to the production regions.

Olive oil is located in Turkey's exports as one of the export items considered as traditional products. In this light of foresight, we will work to present the different products to the markets in order to meet the requirements of the modern age in olive olive enterprises.